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   of D. melanogaster genome assembly, [Jan, 2003] (BDGP Rel. 3)
[Apr, 2004] (BDGP Rel. 4)
[Apr, 2006] (BDGP Rel. 5)
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BAC clones are available at RIKEN BioResouce Center DNA Bank.

Sample queries

A genome position can be specified by the accession number of an BAC end sequence (BES). The following list provides examples of valid position queries for the Drosophila genome.
Request Search Response:
chr2L Searches for all of chromosome 2L.
chr2R:1-200000 Searches for first two hundred thousand bases of chromosome arm 2R.
chrX Searches for all BACs mapped on chromosome X.
DNB Searches for BACs for D. ananassae.
DME1-013O12 Searches region containing the BAC ID DME1-013O12.
AG929683 Searches region containing the BAC End Sequence (BES) of DDBJ ACCESSION AG929683. Related ACCESSION numbers are AG909574 through AG981700.

Notes: Correspondence of Muller's element and chromosome arms.
Muller'sDME1, DSE1, DSM1, DAU1DAN1
The five species are abbreviated by DME1 for D. melanogaster, DSM1 for D. simulans, DSE1 for D. sechellia, DAU1 for D. auraria, and DAN1 for D. ananassae.
For the BAC IDs, however, DNB1 is used for D. ananassae, and DAB1 is used for D. auraria.
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